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First Coast Health Solutions is a turnkey solution provider of the highest quality, FDA approved prepackaged medications and a simple, intuitive web based dispensing system. By choosing First Coast as your vendor for in-office medication dispensing, we will help you create a new and simple revenue source and ensure that you establish an environment that is fully compliant and delivers complete quality patient care.




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Take Time to Learn to Avoid Mistakes

FCHS dispensing program is unique, because we encourage the use of multiple repackagers to create an environment of competition where you win. Dealing with multiple repackagers reduces your risk of failure, because you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

No Need To Rush

We will never pressure you to make decisions on dispensing. We have experience in physician dispensing, and know that practices move when they are ready, and on their own terms. We will offer information and recommendations that will help you in your decision making process.

Flexibility Is The Key

Dealing with multiple repackagers provides more options to your practice on pricing and customer service, because they know that we will use vendors with the best customer service and price. Typically, most practices start with one repackager for their medication needs. Having more than once source for medications for your dispensing program will ensure less inventory complications, so that your dispensing runs smoothly.


First Coast Health Solutions is a leading national provider of full service Physician In-Office Dispensing Pharmacy. We empower physicians to dispense FDA approved brand or generic medications directly to patients utilizing the patient’s pharmacy insurance benefit or cash payments. Our dispensing programs are designed to work with all medical, dental and health care specialties.

Managing a patient’s pain therapy requires a combination of the right medications along with a patient adherence to your prescribed regimen. Drug monitoring will help you evaluate your patient’s pain medication use to help achieve better outcomes.

3x as many people are addicted to and die from prescription narcotic pain medications than all illegal narcotics combined! An estimated 20-30% of pain patients have an genetic opioid metabolic defect. 2.2 million adverse drug events occur yearly with over 100,000 cases resulting in death.

There are several reasons why prescribers and pharmacists provide compounded medications for patients. The primary reason for compounding is to avoid patient non-compliance, which means the patient is either unable or unwilling to use the medication as directed. Many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or require a dosage that is different from the standard drug strengths.

FCHS Ortho treats each patient individually with the same care, interest and value that you extend to your patients. Quality and service are a must, and each new patient is as important as the last, regardless if we are providing a wrist brace or a prosthetic device.

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